My weekend in the yorkshire dales

As many of you may know if you follow my Instagram or my mamas Facebook (because she wouldn’t let you miss it). We all just had a weekend up in Yorkshire renting a house for us all to party in basically! This was all for my Dad’s 50th and Grandma’s 75th birthday. It was pretty lovely! Nice to have a weekend off and get some fresh air and see some of my family for the last time before I go off travelling at the end of March.

If you’re ever up there I recommend Aysgarth Falls. I’m a sucker for a good waterfall. I think my family just can’t help but attempt to take a model shot in front of one and it’s short of a family tradition! For someone as clumsy as me it was frickin risky climbing down onto the most lower falls with all the bloody moss and pools but definitely worth it. Very surprised not one of us fell although there were many ‘carefully...CRAP...caught myself...yes didn’t smack my back on a rock’ moments.

We all got lots of steps in which is ideal as were all competing in our Fitbit leader board and usually my dad is winning. I got to make first use of my new pink raincoat. Although, I managed to make it out the shop with the stupid white tag still attached so that was a great accessory that may at any point explode ink over it all and ruin it..exciting. SPOILER ALERT: I made it out without breaking the tag and got Mountain Warehouse to take it off on the Monday (can tell you’re all so relieved as I’m such a daredevil)

Anyways, lots of yummy crumbles and pies later from all the aunties there...we were all happy as larry (whoever he is). Enjoyed taking pictures of the pretty little snowdrops and exploring all the greenery. We all got a good chance to catch up. Then ate lots of cheese from the nearby Wensleydale Creamery (sounds posh as heck but it’s basically a big cheese making and tasting factory). The big plus of this was you could see them prepping it. There was a tasting room where you walked round and tried tasters from these big bowls filled with cute little cheese cubes. I had a lot I must confess (strongly recommend “Fountains Gold”) it was like a little cheesy buffet so my sister and I made a few laps. I’d strongly avoid the orange chocolate and cheese combo -big mistake!

We walked around the local village of Hawes and had fish and chips. Bit messed up there was a fish bowl in there while they were cooking fish and chips but whatever. It was tasty so I’ll just try and turn a blind eye to that one this once. My family basically took up the whole little cafe bringing a lot of noise with us. Explored some more and weather was decent for Yorkshire so no complaints from us!

Final day involved a big tasty birthday lunch for Grandma at the Aysgarth Hotel pub. It was lovely seeing everyone laugh and discuss all the things that had happened since we all last saw each other. I had tomato and basil soup, more fish and chips and birthday cake if anyone cares. Times flown by since then and I’m so glad it was organised, something I didn’t even know I really needed before I went away.

Yeah, that’s my big family weekend summed up swiftly so it doesn’t bore you guys to death but we all bloody loved it so this was more just sharing what I’ve been up to lately!

Keep smiling,

Megs x


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