Hi guys, so for the last 10 days I’ve been in Ensenada, Mexico with the charity SolKids . I’ll speak more about my volunteering in another blog. In the meantime here’s a few tips if you’re planning a future trip to Mexico! Money, money, money (Pesos) Before arriving in Mexico I changed all my travel money to US Dollars. You can exchange your money at a local ASDA or Post Office. This was good in some respects as you can pay for things in Mexico in Dollars. However, different places may uses different exchange rates to convert to Pesos. Many places ask if you want change in Pesos or Dollars, always pick dollars as the worth of the Peso once out of Mexico is next to nothing.  $1 MXN = 3p or 5cent! $100 MXN= £3.80 GBD/ 6 USD I also used the “XE Currency” App and it was a lifesaver for working out what kind of prices your actually paying for things. It was free to download too! (No sponsor I swear!) Don’t flush the toilet paper Just

My weekend in the yorkshire dales

As many of you may know if you follow my  Instagram  or my mamas Facebook ( because she wouldn’t let you miss it ). We all just had a weekend up in Yorkshire renting a house for us all to party in basically! This was all for my Dad’s 50th and Grandma’s 75th birthday. It was pretty lovely! Nice to have a weekend off and get some fresh air and see some of my family for the last time before I go off travelling at the end of March. If you’re ever up there I recommend Aysgarth Falls. I’m a sucker for a good waterfall. I think my family just can’t help but attempt to take a model shot in front of one and it’s short of a family tradition! For someone as clumsy as me it was frickin risky climbing down onto the most lower falls with all the bloody moss and pools but definitely worth it. Very surprised not one of us fell although there were many ‘ carefully...CRAP...caught myself...yes didn’t smack  my back on a rock ’ moments. We all got lots of steps in which is ideal as were all co

The Pearl of Africa: Uganda

This time last year I was landing in the beautiful Uganda and honestly I'm so jealous of the year below me that are making that same journey. They have so much to look forward to and it just flies by! Its honestly hard to put into words how eye-opening and all-round amazing the experience was. My heart and thoughts are out there and so often I wish I could jump back to that happiness and the fantastic people we met there.  The journey for us started off months prior with a hell of a lot of fundraising and a lot of kind people showing their support! Our four schools: The Ferrers, Huxlow, Rushden and Kineton. All of us in our little groups working our hearts out to help the children out in Uganda aswell as pay for the fellow Ugandan students to join us at the conference.  Fundraising ideas included:  George completed a Tough Mudder with friends! Caitlin abseiled down the National Lift Tower in Northampton! (418 FT HIGH!!) We all completed the Northampton Fun